News 12-29-14

Here is a look at the headlines:

Starting January 5th, Boutique Air will be making flights to Albuquerque from the Grant County Airport.  Great Lakes Airline is being replaced with Boutique Air.   Through a long process, the Grant County Commissioners approved Boutique Air.  According to Senator Morales, he is in favor of this change as he said that flights to Albuquerque would better serve Gila Regional Medical Center.  Flights to Albuquerque will begin Monday on next week beginning at 6am.  A mid-morning flight, a late afternoon flight and an evening flight is also planned for the work week.  Boutique Air is also expecting four return flights from Albuquerque to Silver City during the business week.  There will also be weekend flights.

Just a reminder about the Silver City Main Street Silco Theater project.   Thanks to an anonymous donor, anyone who makes a donation between now and the end of the year, the donor has pledged to match any donations made to project up to $3,000.

You might remember earlier this year, the Silver City Town Council placed a ban on single-use plastic bags at stores for the new year for all retail stores inside the town limits except restaurants.   Businesses are responding to the new requirement in different ways.  The Silver City Food Basket, for example, now has new bags that are larger and studier, reusable and green, meeting the new requirements.  Last month, area Girl Scouts helped to distribute reusable bags through efforts of the Town of Silver City, PNM and the Volunteer Center. The Town of Silver City Ordinance #1231 prohibits single use plastic grocery bags for carry-out at retail establishments.  The ordinance does not affect produce, meat or other specialty plastic bags. Stores may use recycled paper bags or cardboard boxes. Stores may charge for paper bags.  Stores are encourage to sell or provide reusable bags. Customers are encouraged to use recyclable cloth or plastic bags and to recycle bags.  For more information on the ordnance, contact the Office of Sustainability at 575-519-8987.

In regional news, Las Cruces is preparing for a minimum wage increase as of January 1st, which is the first of three increases planned over the next four years.  As of January 1st, the increase calls for a 90 cent per hour increase, which is from $7.50 to$8.40. Employees who work off tips will see an increase in their hourly wages from $2.13 to $3.36.  Businesses in Las Cruces seem to have mixed feelings about it.  Some have already started with the adjustment, while others say they may have to raise prices or cut back on hours.

This has been Sabrina with a look at local news. Thanks for listening to Silver City Radio. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you the best in 2015.