November 30, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look at today’s news: Today, State Auditor Tim Keller, released a special audit of Deming Public Schools. The audit resulted in 19 findings and identified nearly $145,000 in public funds that were likely stolen from the District. State Auditor Keller designated Deming Public Schools for a special audit after receiving information from [...]

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November 29, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look at today’s headlines: The Village of Santa Clara has approved a master agreement with WNM Communications, allowing them to provide another choice for internet service to residents and businesses. WNM will now have access to village easements and rights of way in order to install the equipment necessary to provide wireless [...]

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November 28, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look at today’s headlines: The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office is seeking victims of a former Silver City resident who has been charged in federal court with possession of child pornography. John Henry Bevel, Jr., a current resident of Las Cruces was charged in October with sexual exploitation of children and has [...]

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November 24, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look at some latest news and headlines: Governor Susana Martinez announced that over one-third of DWI cases monitored by the state during the first year of the DWI court monitoring initiative, which aimed to shed light on how DWI cases are handled, were dismissed. The Governor also announced ways the state plans [...]

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November 23, 2017: Local News

Here’s a History on how the United States Congress Established the Thanksgiving Holiday: On September 28, 1789, just before leaving for recess, the first Federal Congress passed a resolution asking that the President of the United States recommend to the nation a day of thanksgiving. A few days later, President George Washington issued a [...]

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November 22, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look today’s news: Hidalgo Medical Services has been recognized as a New Mexico Performance Excellence Award (NMPEA) Piñon Level Recipient. As a Piñon Level recipient, HMS has demonstrated initial commitment to long-term process improvement, sustainability, efficiency and excellence. HMS will be receiving the Piñon Award at the upcoming Quality New Mexico Learning [...]

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November 21, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look at today’s headlines: The Department of the Interior is proposing to double or almost triple the price of admission during peak season to 17 of the most popular national parks, which would take a 7-day car pass from $25.00 or $30.00, depending on the park, up to $70.00, starting in 2018. [...]

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November 20, 2017: Local News

Click edit button to change this text. Here’s a look at today’s headlines: The Deming School Board has approved a resolution and proclamation of a school bond election in 2018 which will request voters to approve general obligation bonds for up to $10 million dollars that would pay for capital outlay projects, computer [...]

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