According to a press release from the Gila National Forest Service Office, the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and New Mexico State Highway 15 have both been reopened as of September 18th, though at the time of the release the Visitor Center remained closed.

Due to rising waters and flooding from heavy rain during the past week, the Gila National Forest had mandated temporary closures of the Cliff Dwellings, Visitor Center, and some forest recreation areas.  The Visitor Center is expected to open again after water levels decrease after the rains subside and necessary maintenance has been performed.  The Lower and Upper Scorpion Campground, Upper Forks Campground, and Woody’s and TJ Corrals have also been re-opened.

Visitors to the Gila National Forest are reminded that flood potential still exists, since even a small amount of rainfall adds to already high water levels.  It is advised to forest visitors to contact the local Ranger District Office before visiting areas where flooding is possible.

For more information, contact the Gila Visitor Center at 536-9461 during regular business hours.