Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Let’s Read, a book giveaway project presented by Literacy Link Leamos, distributed over 8,000 free books to children at Elementary schools in Grant County.  Students in the Cobre and Silver School Districts each received four books a piece and, thanks to a donation of three interesting poetry books, students will also be involved in poetry workshops after which the kids can take home their poetry books as well.  To date, Literacy Link Leamos has delivered nearly 165,000 books to local children.

Former Interstate Stream Commission Director Norman Guame filed a lawsuit against the current Gila Subcommittee citing its many alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act.  According to the lawsuit, the Gila Subcommittee has acted outside the Open Meetings act by allegedly making definitive decisions on topics that affect the state’s policies moving forward, and not getting its decisions approved by the Interstate Stream Commission, which is a violations of the Open Meetings Act.

The New Mexico National Guard Armory will cease operations at the end of the month, leaving the Armory void of National Guard Personnel.  However, according to the Mayor of Santa Clara, the final decision on whether it is closing forever or not has not been made. Should the National Guard install another mission, that would supersede the decision to close the Armory.

Hurley’s Municipal Judge David Ramos has agreed to accept discipline imposed by the New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission for his alleged “willful misconduct.”  Ramos contacted Magistrate Judge Maurine Laney of Silver City, concerning a pending case in her court, “in an attempt to personally vouch for the character of the defendant and obtain special treatment for the defendant,” according to a petition from the commission that the state Supreme Court approved last week.  The document states that Ramos “admits that this admitted conduct violates (various) rules of the Code of Judicial Conduct” regarding “compliance with the law, promoting confidence in the judiciary, avoiding abuse of the prestige of judicial office, external influences on judicial conduct, ex parte communications, judicial statements on pending and impending cases, and testifying as a character witness.”  The agreement calls for Ramos to “receive a public censure from the Supreme Court, complete a formal mentorship and complete one year of unsupervised probation.”