Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The levels at Elephant Butte and Caballo reservoirs have climbed in recent weeks thanks to the late summer rains.  According to reports, the volume at Elephant Butte is up nearly 25%.  Lakes around the state have dropped to record lows, and despite rains this summer, 60% of the state is still dealing with some level of drought.  Drought conditions have improved, however, from just three months ago when nearly the entire state was experiencing higher levels of drought.

Next Wednesday at the Grant County Community Health Council Building, Dr. Elizabeth Lilliot will be in Grant County to conduct  follow up research needed for the NIDA program. This is an opportunity for anyone in Southwest New Mexico who implements Evidence Based Practices in either the realm of Prevention or Treatment to express their concerns with these practices. Please take Dr. Lilliot’s survey and provide feedback to the state about the challenges we face in Southwest New Mexico. This input will benefit our communities.

Guadalupe Montessori School is presenting the Festival of Trees again this holiday season, and is looking for volunteers to decorate a live tree to be sold at the annual winter festival.  Local artists, craftspeople, businesses and organizations can sign up to decorate a tree – decorators are asked to provide a $10 donation and decorations for their tree.  Trees will be decorated in late November and ready for sale at the Grand Opening of the Festival of Trees on November 28th.

At its Tuesday meeting, the Silver City Town Council approved an ordinance to the Uniform Traffic Code in reference to penalties assessed to motorists caught driving while texting.  Rather than giving the judge discretion to fine a person from $0 to $500 with increasing penalties, the new ordinance provides a penalty of a $100 fine for the first and any subsequent offenses.  The new ordinance is simpler for police officers to enforce, since they don’t have to determine if the offence is the first, since the fine is the same no matter the number of offenses.

The Cobre Consolidated School District Board met on Monday evening to discuss and approve unfinished business under the Body-Mass-Index Letter draft that would inform parents of the children in the grades assessed of possible needs and practices to improve the health of some students.  Superintendent Robert Mendoza asked the board to approve a use-of-facilities request from the Grant County Grapplers to use the high school and elementary school gyms in Santa Clara, as well as making a Budget Adjustment Request to pay for textbooks used by students taking dual-credit classes at WNMU.