Stone and McGee and Company recently completed their audit for the Silver Consolidated District.  Mike Stone reported that the district’s finances were overall in good shape, but some problem spots.  One cause of concern, according to the report, is the district’s cash balance, which is only 1.5 percent of the adjusted budget for the fiscal year. The New Mexico Public Education Department requires a cash balance equal to 4 to 5 percent of the prior’s year budget.   Another issue of concern, according to the report, was that the superintendent gave significant pay increases for some district personnel without the oversight or consent of the school board.  The report states that this could expose the district to litigation because some employees received raises, while others did not.  There was also identification of credit card usage issues. According to the report, the school board has addressed these issues and others.

In case you have not heard, the American Pickers television show is on the road in New Mexico in 2015. They are looking for interesting people with great stories to tell who have lots and lots of cool stuff to look through and people must be willing to be taped for a possible future episode of American Pickers. If you are interested, contact the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce office at 575-538-3785.

WNMU tuition will be increasing by $7.32 per credit for in-state, undergraduate students for the next academic year. This is intended to be able to increase on-campus student job positions, academic scholarships and athletic scholarships.  According to Dr. Sheppard, President, “This money is entirely going back into the pockets of the students for their educational pursuits. None of it will go to overhead or administrative costs.”  Also, the Board of Regents passed a tuition guarantee program.  Beginning next fall, students enrolling at WNMU will benefit from a newly passed, tuition guarantee program, allowing families the ability to budget for their son’s or daughter’s college education.  Students enrolled in 15 credit hours per semester, while maintaining 2.0 GPA qualify for a locked-in rate.

Be sure to come out tomorrow from noon to one at Silver City Wal Mart and locate the Silver City Radio table for KNFT and KSCQ and get registered for the Coca-Cola $500 gift card giveaway. Be a daily winner, including one winner tomorrow on location, and get into the drawing for two $500 Visa Gift Card giveaways. There also be Coca-Cola branded items and 2 liter Sprit and Coca-Cola bottles to be given away! See you tomorrow from 12 to 1 at Silver City Wal Mart.