News 1-1-15

Happy New Year!  Here is a look at some positive news in our area.

The 2014 Employee of the Year from the Town of Silver City has been named.  It is Harmony Phillips.  Congratulations to Harmony Phillips for her outstanding work serving the children of the community as the Silver City town children’s librarian.  She has done much to promote reading to children including working hard to host the Battle of the Books statewide meet the past two years that has had between 300-400 youth participates.  Harmony Phillips was selected as Employee of the Year from 158 staffers at the Town of Silver City.

There will be a new healing complex opening January 3rd in Silver City.  The Lotus Center, will open at 211 West Broadway.  The organization included 16 specialists in healing arts. For more information check out

There is an interesting exhibit open at the Silver City Museum. The Ailman Family in Silver City exhibit allows visitors to experience the Victorian Parlor of the H.B. Ailman family.  H.B. Ailman built the home in 1881 that now houses the museum.

Looking for something new to get involved with in 2015? The Silver City Food Co-Op January’s Community Forum is on Backyard Beekeeping.  According to a news release from the Silver City Food Co-op, “honeybees pollinate most of the world’s edible plants and they are in danger.  Find out how you can make a difference by supporting these precious bee-ings.”  The forum will be given twice, once on January 13th and again on the 15th from noon to 1 and 614 North Bullard.

As we close a year and look forward to the next, we will reflect on the friends and family who no longer at our sides, as old acquaintances shall not be forgotten, and we will reflect on how they touched our lives and look to the new year for new acquaintances and strengthening old relationships so to build a successful community, country and world, wishing peace and the best to all.  Thank you — all of our listeners and advertisers. Happy New Year.  Remember what is truly most important in life- the people in our lives.