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Through a partnership between the Town of Silver City and the Silver City Watershed Keepers, the anti-litter program Pick It Up – Toss No Mas will hold its next Community Trash Cleanup on Saturday, February 19th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Gough Park. According to a news release, at last month’s Community Trash Cleanup, 31 volunteers including the WNMU Women’s Volleyball Team and Western Institute for Lifelong Learning, picked up 850 pounds of trash, debris and recycling. Since October, more than 100 community volunteers have picked up 3,181 pounds of trash, debris, and recyclables from Highways 180 and 90, Silver City neighborhoods, Big Ditch Park and San Vicente Creek through the program. Monthly cleanup events are held the third Saturday of every month.

Silver City’s High Desert Humane Society has received state funds to help low-income residents in Grant County spay and neuter their companion animals. Now surgery costs for up to four animals per household can be covered in a twelve-month period. Qualified residents can make an appointment with an area veterinarian and then come to the shelter for the coupons. All individuals and animals receiving state assistance must be residents of New Mexico and proof of income must be presented to verify qualification to the program.

Crowds of law enforcement officers and family members came together last Friday, February 4th to recognize the one-year anniversary of the shooting of New Mexico State Police Officer, Darian Jarrott. Jarrott was gunned down by a suspected drug dealer on Interstate I-10 near Deming on February 4th, 2021. The gathering was marked by a sign dedication ceremony on Interstate I-10 at the spot where Jarrott was killed. The portion of highway is now called the Darian Jarrott Memorial Corridor. In addition, the State Police headquarters in Deming will be renamed for Jarrott.

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