The same wind shift that blanketed Silver City and the surrounding areas in an orange haze of smoke yesterday drove firefighters back away from the approaching blaze.  Because of thick smoke at the scene, the helicopters weren’t able to drop water on the fire to keep it under control.  The reports of the fire for this morning tell us that the Silver Fire is now over 101,000 acres and growing to the north and west.  The fire remains 20% contained.

Due to the changing winds, dry and unstable weather conditions, and extreme fuel sources, the fire is encroaching on the Rabb Park area, though according to officials the trail was not compromised yesterday.  The flank of the fire near Winston did not see much growth, but crews continue to monitor the area.

Residents should anticipate more smoke today, but the smoke is expected to dissipate later this afternoon as storm clouds move into the area.  Residents are also reminded of the dangers of outdoor activities in extremely smoky conditions.  Those with heart and lung conditions should remain indoors, as well as the elderly and children.  Others are advised to limit outdoor activity as much as possible.  More information about how smoke can affect your health can be found at

There will be a public information meeting at 6 o’clock tonight for those in the Silver City and Mimbres Valley areas at the Round-Up Lodge in San Lorenzo.  Highway 152 from San Lorenzo to Kingston remains closed.  For additional information, visit

The national forest is open for recreational activities, except in restricted fire areas.  Stage One fire restrictions remain in effect.  To view these restrictions, go to  Be advised that possessing, discharging, or using any kind of firework or other pyrotechnic device on national forest land is prohibited.