Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Single Socks, a Silver City non-profit thrift store, announced that it will be accepting grant applications from organizations and individuals performing anti-hunger work in Grant County.  Grant submission guidelines and applications may be obtained from the Organization’s website at:  The deadline for submission of applications is April 30, 2015.

The Luna County Sheriff’s Office will soon be moving to the former Knights of Columbus facility at 2401 South Country Club Road.  The new Luna County Sheriff’s Complex is approximately five acres and will house the sheriff’s departments including the Detective Bureau.  Official vehicles will also have a new home at the complex.

On the Governor’s desk:

Governor Susana Martinez signed Senate Bill 233, which clarifies in law that temporary disability for Workman’s Compensation will be limited to 700 weeks – which is just a few days under 13 ½ years.  The statute clarification is needed so premiums paid by employers don’t increase to the point they have to choose between paying their premiums or laying off an existing employee.  The statute also makes mental impairment benefits equal to physical impairment benefits.

Martinez also signed two bills to improve New Mexico schools. House Bill 479 expands access to K-3 Plus to schools who have improved from a D or F.  K-3 Plus is a program for struggling students that provides additional instruction over the summer.  Senate Bill 153 streamlines the administrator licensure process to allow excellent teachers with a proven track record of success to become administrators after three years, instead of the current requirement of six.

In order to help create more jobs, Martinez signed Senate Bill 352, the Utility Economic Development rates.  The bill allows the state to offer companies looking to relocate to New Mexico an economic development rate for their electric utilities.

Also acted upon by the Governor are:

House Bill 39 – Tax Refunds for Senior Services; House Bill 53 – No Compelled Medication for Some Students; House Bill 54 – Anesthesiology Assistant Definitions; House Bill 65 – Autocycle Definitions and Requirements; House Bill 85 – Commercial Code and Voidable Transactions; House Bill 103 – Autism Awareness License Plate; House Bill 155 – Lobbyist Employer Registration; House Bill 164 – School Transportation Information Reporting; House Bill 165 – Remove AYP References in School Code; Senate Bill 4 – Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Service Credit; Senate Bill 8 – Charter School Education Tech Equipment; Senate Bill 61 – Affordable Housing Act Changes; House Bill 171 – Birthing Workforce Retention Fund Awards; House Bill 178 – Career Technical Education Courses and Terms; House Bill 212 – Crisis Triage Service Reimbursement Rate; House Bill 216 – Assignment of Film Production Tax Credits; House Bill 236 – Increase Severance Tax Permanent Fund Flows; House Bill 263 – Geothermal Renewable Energy Certificates; House Bill 249 – Geothermal Renewable Energy Certificates; House Bill 274 – Prescription Synchronization; House Bill 287 – Secretary of State Copying Services.

Governor Martinez Vetoed House Bill 146 – Instructional Material Definitions and Changes and House Bill 332 – Reduce Probation Time for Good Behavior.