Silver City Radio is hoping you, our listeners, are having a very Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day, is a national holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September and was created by the labor movement to dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American worker. The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5th, 1882 in New York City. On June 28th, 1884, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.

BeWell New Mexico has provided some tips to enjoy a healthy Labor Day:

Use vegetables as a side dish. Instead of making potato or pasta salad, try grilling vegetables, such as eggplant, zucchini, squash and tomatoes, they are a tasty alternative that provides a variety of nutrients to the body.

Substitute fruit for dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth with refreshing and naturally sweet fruits such as strawberries and watermelon. It’s a great way to cool down and take in the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Grab some sunscreen. Although it’s nearing fall, it is important to remember that the sun’s rays can still be harsh year-round. Before heading to your outdoor cookout, make sure to apply sunscreen.

And, Drink water. As you join your friends in a game of kick-ball or watch your kids run around, grab a glass of water to quench your thirst.

Thank you for listening to Silver City Radio!