Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The US Department of Agriculture is encouraging producers who have suffered eligible disaster-related losses to secure assistance by September 30th.  Congressionally mandated payment reductions will take place for producers who have not acted before that date.  Livestock producers that have experienced grazing losses since October 2011 and may be eligible for benefits but have not yet contacted their local Farm Service Agency office should to so as soon as possible.

New Mexico’s Job Training Incentive Program has reimbursed qualified companies for some training costs associated with job creation, and funds a portion of classroom or on-the-job training, as well as reimbursing an expanding or relocating business for as long as six months.  The funding aims to help companies that manufacture a product in New Mexico. export a substantial percentage of services out of state, or are considered a “green” industry.  Amendments to the program this year include changes in eligibility and wage requirements for intern positions, a requirement that contract-based call centers meet or exceed the local entry-level wage for the industry based on current occupational employment statistics wage data, and a change in the rule that allowed 1 in 10 new jobs to be unrelated to productions.

The 2014 Gem and Mineral Show took place over the Labor Day weekend.  Gems and minerals were on display and for sale, along with jewelry and other treasures made from cut gems, fossils, and other interesting stones.  The Gem and Mineral Show is sponsored by the Grant County Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Society.

In a Special Meeting last Friday, the Board of Commissioners conducted a Public Hearing regarding the issuance of a restaurant beer and wine liquor license to La Tienda del Sol of San Lorenzo.  After deliberation, the license was approved and the regular meeting convened.  The Public Input portion of the meeting involved Lucy Whitmarsh of the Silver City MainStreet Project concerning the “Taste of Downtown” event this Saturday, a car show that was held over Labor Day Weekend, and the retirement of Lt. Michael Aguirre after 20 years of service with the Grant County Sheriff’s Department.  Items on the Commissioners Meeting agenda included the “Walk for the Heroes Day” proclamation, appointment of Joanie Connors to the Grant County Community Health Council Interpersonal Violence Sector, road maintenance in Hanover, the Infrastructure Capital Improvements Plan, the resolution to appoint the Grant County Director of Planning to the Southwest Regional Water Planning Committee, and the resolution to support legislation requiring the State to notify Grant County if the county is affected by expansion of endangered species habitats.