Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The Town and Country Garden Club awarded three $1,500 scholarships for WNMU students for the fall semester.  Jessee Page, Isaiah Reynolds and Gabriel Gilmore are all forestry/wildlife majors.  Jessee Page will graduate from WNMU in December and plans to begin graduate studies at NMSU in range science.  Isaiah Reynolds and Gabriel Gilmore are juniors and will remain eligible for the scholarship next semester if they maintain at GPA above 3.0.

Workers at Chino Mine last week voted 236 to 83 against participating in the United Steelworkers Union.  With this vote, there is no longer union representation within Grant County lines.  The decertification vote was brought on by one man who began a petition to end the union.  After getting the required 30% of union member’s signatures, the vote was brought to all union employees.  The Steelworkers Union represented 360 Chino Mine employees, including all production and maintenance workers.

An Arizona woman lost her car to rushing waters early Monday morning when she attempted to drive across a flooded roadway on Highway 211 near Cliff.  The driver was able to get out of her car and reach dry land, but her car was washed down the creek.  She reached a nearby house and called for help, but Sheriff Raul Villanueva said her car may have washed all the way down Bear Creek to the Gila River.  No injuries were reported.

The Cliff/Gila Grant County Fair kicks off tomorrow at the Grant County Fairgrounds.  All animals must be on the Fairgrounds for weighing and sifting by 9 am.  Exhibits will be accepted all day in the new exhibit building, including general exhibits, 4-H exhibits, and school exhibits, and the Junior Rodeo will be held at the Buster Shelley Arena beginning at 6:30 pm.  The 2014 Grant County Fair is dedicated to everyone who worked on preparing the new barn for fair.  Shows and exhibits open to the public on Thursday between 9 and 1.