The Grant County Fair was held September 24-28. Many people participated in the Livestock contests, judging contest, and indoor exhibit section. Thank you to everyone who participated, and who donated to the awards program.


The awards given out are as follows:
Grand Champions:
· Steer: Ryan Miller
· Lamb: Alexa Vermillion
· Swine: Kolby Taylor
· Goat: Dominique Gutierrez
· Heifer: Kierston Bloomfield
· County Bred Steer: Ketch Bays
· Gilt: Shalynn Tavizon
· Rabbit: Imedla Martinez
· Meat Pen Rabbits: Caitlin Brabson
· Poultry: Josh Agnew

Reserve Champions:
· Steer: Ketch Bays
· Lamb: Alexa Vermillion
· Swine: Shalynn Tavizon
· Goat: Megan Miller
· Heifer: Kristen Sloan
· County Bred Steer: Raelynn Moon
· Gilt: Ketch Bays
· Rabbit: Riley Brabson
· Poultry: McKenzie Evans

· Senior Steer: Kristin Sloan
· Junior Steer: Ketch Bays
· Senior Lamb: Isabel Anderson
· Junior Lamb: Alexa Vermillion
· Senior Swine: Cassidy Lewis
· Junior Swine: Ian Valenzuela
· Senior Goat: Hayleigh Drozda
· Junior Goat: Megan Miller
· Heifer: Keirston Bloomfield
· All Around Champion: Ethan Fisher
· Reserve All Around Champion: Emma McDonald

Clean Barn Awards:
· Beef Barn: Kierston Bloomfield
· Lamb Barn: Aubrey McCauley
· Swine Barn: Cody Lewis
· Goat Barn: Megan Miller
· Rabbit Barn: Domanic Newton
· Poultry Barn: Levi Dalton

Top Ag Youth Award
· Sinea Runnels

Loy Tate Memorial Belt Buckle
· Cassidy Lewis

Top Hand Award
· Ethan Fisher

Livestock Judging
· Novice:
1st Nolan Vermillion
2nd Ketch Bays
3rd Devin Harsh
· Junior:
1st Megan Miller
2nd Kolby Taylor
3rd Alexa Vermillion
· Senior:
1st Kristen Sloan
2nd Clell Bays
3rd Sinea Runnels

Indoor Exhibits:
Best of Show
· Novice: Samantha Jones
· Junior: Raelynn Moon
· Senior: Riley Brabson

Sweepstakes Winner
· Novice:
1st Xavier Koury
2nd Josh Agnew
3rd Dylan Morris

· Junior:
1st Robert Reed
2nd Hunter Morris
3rd Raelynn Moon

· Senior:
1st Riley Brabson
2nd Sabrena Sloan
3rd Sinea Runnels

Adult Sweepstakes
· 1st Frances Day
· 2nd and 3rd tie: Judy Johnson and Marquette Mower
· People’s Choice: Shauna Littleton

Junior Sweepstakes
· 1st: Hattie Dobrinski
· 2nd: Megan Gorog
· 3rd Aubry McCauley
· People’s Choice: Bryson Shock