Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Saturday is America Recycles Day.  You can participate by taking your recycling to 1106 North Pope Street between 9 am and noon.  You can recycle electronics, glass, paper, and other items.  Silver City residents can also get a curbside recycling bin.  For details, call 519-8987.

Candidate packets are ready for the Town of Silver City Regular Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Candidate packets for the following elective offices are available at City Hall, 101 W. Broadway or on the Town’s website at  Mayor 2-yr. term, Councilor District 2 2-yr. term, Councilor District 4 2-yr. term.  DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY is Tuesday, January 5, 2016 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. only, in the office of the Municipal Clerk, City Hall, 101 W. Broadway. If you have any questions regarding this process, call the Municipal Clerk at 534-6346.

The Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce board has five board positions coming to an end at the end of this calendar year.  The nominating committee has reached out to Chamber members to fill these positions.  Chamber members offering their services are Carol Brewka, Jimmy Enriquez, Elisa Galindo, Monica Gutierrez, and Greg Morrow.  Additional candidates for the Board of Directors may be nominated by petition bearing the signatures of five Chamber members in good standing.  Petitions should be filed with the Nominating Committee by November 23rd at 5 pm.  Call 546-2674 with any questions about nominations.

Guadalupe Montessori School (GMS) is thrilled to present the Festival of Trees again this holiday season. This year, the festival will occupy the Old Post Office on Broadway next to the Silver City Museum. The 2015 GMS Festival of Trees will take place during the first two weekends of December, the 4th-6th and 10th-13th. GMS is collaborating with dynamic downtown events like the Lighted Christmas Parade on November 28th, the Tamal y Mas Fiesta on December 5th, and the Silver City Museum’s Victorian Christmas on December 10th.

Today is World Vasectomy Day, and an environmental group wants men to consider, as they jokingly put it, “getting whacked for wildlife.” It’s a campaign to get people talking about a sensitive subject – in light of what some see as the planet’s overpopulation and its environmental toll. Leigh Moyer with the Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson says people who care about the environment will take steps to limit unplanned pregnancies.  Researchers are mixed on the topic of exactly how much and what types of impact humans are having on the environment. But there are more than seven-billion people on the planet. Experts estimate that, worldwide, the number of births each day is more than double the number of deaths.