Here’s a look at today’s news:

Yesterday, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 8, titled the “Firearm Sale Background Check Act”. According to a release, the bill “creates a new section of the Criminal Code making it unlawful to sell a firearm for a fee or other consideration without first conducting a federal instant background check. Senate Bill 8 does not apply when a person transfers a firearm as a loan, inheritance, or a gift and does not apply to sales between immediate family members. Additionally, Senate Bill 8 does not apply to antique firearms, powder-actuated tools, construction tools, flares, or firearms in permanently inoperable condition.” Senate Bill 8 will now head to the Governor’s desk for her signature.

The Gila National Forest, Wilderness Ranger District has announced that due to staffing shortages, the Mesa Campground, near Lake Roberts, will not be open until April 1st. There are still several campgrounds open on the Wilderness Ranger District, including Upper End Campground near Lake Roberts and Grapevine, Forks, and the Scorpion Campgrounds near the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

Over 300 students were recognized at award ceremonies during the Luna County Literacy Showcase last month. Students from kindergarten to sixth grade submitted stories and poems they had written and a portion of them were submitted to the district for publication. In addition, children’s book author, Joe Hayes, visited Deming Public Schools to encourage students to write and share their stories with friends and family. The Southwest Regional Education Cooperative will be printing a showcase of the student author’s written works and the publication will be available for purchase.

The premier of a locally filmed movie titled,“A Boy Called Sailboat”, was celebrated at the Silco Theater in downtown Silver City last weekend. The film, written and directed by Cameron Nugent, features the story of a young Hispanic boy named “Sailboat” that plays the guitar and awakens the people of an American town. Auditions were held in 2015 at the Sixth Street Elementary School and several local children and adults were chosen to be in the film. In addition, the cast featured the likes of Hollywood stars, J.K. Simmons and Jake Busey. Several scenes in the film showed area landmarks that included: The Grant County Courthouse; Sixth Street Elementary; an overview of Silver City; U.S. Highway 180; and Bullard Street. The Silco Theater held two additional showings of the film to sold out crowds.