Here’s a look at some local news brought to you by Silver City Radio.

New Mexico Game & Fish has announced the kickoff of the New Mexico Bass Challenge, promoting bass fishing opportunities in New Mexico and encouraging anglers to branch out and discover new fishing waters and bass species. Anglers who complete the challenge in New Mexico waters will be eligible to receive a special reward and be included in the online records of successful New Mexico Bass Challenge Anglers. The four species that are found in and inhabit lakes within New Mexico are; Spotted Bass, White Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Smallmouth Bass. In addition, catch and release is encouraged in this challenge. Official rules and more are found online at  or on the NM Game & Fish page on Facebook. There is no fee or pre-registration required for this program.

Tomorrow, March 30th at 3:30 P.M., the WNMU Board of Regents will hold a public meeting. According to a news release, Board members will discuss and vote on 2022-23 Tuition and Student fees, a new textbook program, the acquisition of land and existing structures, the fiscal year 2022 3rd quarter financial actions report, and revised capital project transmittal for the Deming Learning Center Infrastructure Project. The public will be held at the WNMU Thomas B. McDonald Student Memorial Center’s Seminar Room. A recording of the meeting will be posted on the WNMU Board of Regents meetings video archive webpage.

The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department coupled with Forestry Department and other partners have meet this week to observe Southwest Wildfire Awareness Week in New Mexico and Arizona. This year’s theme is entitled. “Don’t Wait for Fires to Start, Prepare and Be Aware.” According to a news release, a total of 80 wildfires have burned more that 12,000 acres of state and private land since January 1st.

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