The Gila National Forest, Wilderness Ranger District is preparing to implement the 74-acre New Mexico Highway 35 Bravo prescribed fire project to burn slash piles beginning July 8th. The project will occur in stages and will be located along the north side of New Mexico Highway 35, west of Forest Road 150 and east of Lincoln Canyon in Grant County. The goal of the project is to help reduce fuels and wildfire risk by removing piled fuels resulting from ongoing thinning projects. Smoke will be visible from Highway 35 and may impact driving visibility, especially at night and in the early morning, but will normally decrease significantly as daytime weather prevails. The project is expected to last through the end of August.

During the month of May, over 300 5th grade students from Silver City and Cobre School Districts participated in the Children’s Water Festival thanks to the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance. Children had the opportunity to have hands-on experiential learning at the Gila and Mimbres Rivers where they learned the beneficial results of a free-flowing river, went on nature walks and learned common bird vocalizations.

The Grant County Community Health Council will be providing two “Medicare Made Easy ” educational training sessions on July 10th at the Grant County Conference Center for those who are turning 65 in 2024/2025. The classes will show participants how and when to apply for Medicare, what is not covered by Medicare, how to avoid penalties and much more. The first session will take place at 10:00 a.m. with the second taking place at 1:00 p.m. The sessions are free but prior registration is required. To register, call 575-313-3625.

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The New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) will be conducting a Performance Review to evaluate the implementation and performance of the soil removal remedy. The purpose of the review is to determine the continued protectiveness of the soil removal remedial action for the Hurley Soils Investigation Unit of the Chino Mines Administrative Order on Consent. The Performance Review will evaluate if the IRA soil remedy has been effective in reducing the potential risk of incidental ingestion of copper in the soil by children. The NMED is welcoming any public comments or concerns regarding the IRA remedy prior to finalizing the review report. The public comment period will be open until July 31st. To submit comments and for more information, call 505-372-8545.