Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act was rejected at the Senate last Friday.  The Act would have lowered interest rates on student loans to the 3.86 percent in the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act, which was passed by Congress last summer.  The Student Loan Certainty Act enables students who take out student loans now, after the bill has passed, to receive the low 3.86 percent interest rate, but former students who already have loans are not granted the same low rate.  WNMU President Joseph Shepherd stated that part of the problem could be with students requesting more loan money than it takes to cover tuition, in order to have money for their daily lives.  He encourages upcoming students to only request loans to cover tuition in hopes of lowering WNMU’s high default rate on student loan payments.

Two teams of seventh-grade students from La Plata Middle School Students recently competed in Washington, D.C. at a National History Day Competition.  The teams placed 11th and 13th in a competition that included almost 3,000 students.  Each team had a project: on team covered Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution for their research project, and the other looked into child labor laws.

The Baldwin Family, who recently competed in the Air Race Classic, finished the race in 15th place.  The three generations of fliers were one of 52 planes to fly the race, but due to inclimate weather along the route, only 31 of the racers finished the competition, but Caroline Baldwin was pleased with their finish.

Thanks in part to Grant County Chamber of Commerce President, as well as several generous donors, the annual Town of Silver City Fireworks Display is on schedule.  Earlier this month, there were concerns that the show would have to be cancelled due to the increasing cost of fireworks, as well as shipping costs.  Chamber President Scott Terry sent out an email with a request for additional sponsors, and Grant County responded.  Thanks to these donations, the fireworks display will take place as scheduled: after dark on Friday, July 4th.