Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Two species of snakes found in New Mexico and Arizona have now officially been listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Acts.  The narrow-headed garter snake and the northern Mexican garter snake were listed as threatened species as part of an agreement resulting from a lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, and now processes will begin to try to restore the snakes’ population.  The greatest threat to the existence of these two species are livestock grazing, water withdrawal, urban sprawl, and the spread of non-native species in the area.

The Grant County Chamber of Commerce will have a Ribbon Cutting and Open House for Avesa Holistic Therapies, this Friday at 2 pm.  Avesa is opening at 508 West Broadway, and everyone is invited out to meet the owners.

After complaints from residents and reports of deer being killed on the roads, the Department of Game and Fish has trapped and moved 185 deer from the Silver City area over the past two years.  However, despite the transplant operations and special hunting season in the area, the urban deer population is still large and growing.  The department is working with the city and residents to determine the best way to deal with the urban deer.  Meanwhile, the captured deer were taken to the Peloncillo Mountains and to the San Francisco River Valley to help grow declining populations in those areas.  Yet, there is much debate as to the success of this procedure. Some say that it could be as high as 80% of the transplant deer don’t survive a year. Other reports reviewed indicated better rates. In an case, there is a notable issue of urban deer population in Silver City and the increased predator population as well. The Department of Game and Fish are trying to successfully address the issue.

The Silver Regional Sexual Assault Support Services Office was broken into and damaged last Monday.  Piles of papers were left smoldering, and several pieces of equipment were stolen, including computers, projectors, and a camera.  The office is covered in soot and smoke, and many of the desks were damaged and will require replacement.  If you are willing to help meet the new needs of the office, please email “SASS advocacy at gmail dot com”.