Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

PNM recently recognized three Silver City businesses that have gone ‘above and beyond’ in saving energy in 2013.  The PNM Business Energy Efficiency Stars for Silver City that were recognized include the Grant County Convention Center – a large business with the highest energy savings, Foxworth Galbraith – a small business with the highest energy savings, and Rue 21 – the most innovative energy-saving project.  Amy Miller, director of PNM Energy Efficiency Programs said “Silver City businesses continue to find innovative ways to reduce energy use and we will continue to support that with rebates and programs.”

Silver City MainStreet and the Gila Conservation Education Center are coordinating the 3rd Annual Big Ditch Day Celebration on Saturday, July 19, from 9:00 am to1:00 pm, down in the Big Ditch Park, from Main Street Plaza to the Visitor Center in historic downtown Silver City.  The Silver City Lions Club will offer a breakfast menu from 8:00 to11:30 am. The Big Ditch Crickets will perform and teach traditional dances.  And, watch for encounters with historical characters from our past including Sheriff Pat Garrett, Madame Brewer, Elizabeth Warren, and others.  Visit our website at Silver City Radio dot com to find out how you can learn more.

The Cobre School Board met on Monday to discuss the food service contract with Southwest Food Service Excellence.  Currently both Snell and Cobre High are served by Southwest Food Service Excellence, but the Board debated whether to add the elementary schools to the same contract.  No decisions have been made so far.  The representative presented several ideas to the board, including the creation of a food court atmosphere and a variety of sections available, including a deli, a salad bar, some ethnic draws, or other theme settings.

Silver City is listed in National Geographic’s 50 Best Places to Live and Play, and earned the title of Best for Hikers.  The list of top 12 Rockies towns on the National Geographic website says “Quaint, friendly, and affordable, southwestern New Mexico’s Silver City is what Santa Fe was before trustafarians took over. Hike or bike seven miles of rocky trails in the rolling Boston Hills, a reclaimed historic mining area overlooking town. Or hook up with the nearby Continental Divide Trail ascending the Pinos Altos Mountains in 3.3-million-acre Gila National Forest.”

According to the US Census Bureau, New Mexicans over the age of 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the population.  The trend is expected to continue as the state’s birth rate has been fairly constant.  According to the report, those over 65 in New Mexico increased by 12 percent so far this decade, versus New Mexico’s total population increase of only 1 percent.

The Marshall Memorial Library will host storyteller Indiana Bones, Keeper of Legends, tomorrow from 2 to 3 pm as part of their summer reading program.  Indiana Bones will tell a story about strange floating stones known as the monkey bridge.  Indiana Bones’ storytelling combines archaeology, history puppetry, action and adventure with ancient legends, mythology and folklore to capture the minds of children.