Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

At this morning’s meeting of the Grant County Commissions, they passed a .375 percent gross receipts tax increase, despite much opposition. The tax will go into effect January 1st, 2015. The tax will be added to most purchases.

Senator Tom Udall introduced a bill to help small business federal government contractors in New Mexico and across the country diversify their businesses and create jobs.  The American Diversification and Progress in Trade Act creates a pilot program that will help small business contractors find new customers and grow into new markets by improving access to tools, strategies and hands-on help about diversification, and removing barriers that make it harder to break into large company supply chains.  The program will empower small businesses to better compete for private sector dollars.

The Jacob Bennett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will re-dedicate the Historic Marker in Whitewater Canyon at the Catwalk this Saturday, July 12th at 11 am.  The marker describes the history of mining in Whitewater Canyon and was originally placed at the picnic area at the Catwalk on June 5th, 1966.  The historic marker was removed last spring in anticipation of the flooding of Whitewater Canyon, and the wooden sign has since been painted and repaired.  The Daughters of the American Revolution invite anyone who is interested to attend the re-dedication program.

GRMC CEO Brian Cunningham updated the Grant County Commissioner concerning the need to discontinue Home Health and Hospice within the hospital.  He stated “Horizon Home Health and Horizon Hospice offers the services and another business is interested in coming in.  These organizations will fill the gap as much as possible.  We are not cutting anyone.  The focus will be to absorb as many as possible internally, in nursing, for instance.  We will transition others into other organizations because the demand will remain.  We hope there will be zero net loss of jobs to the community. Hopefully every patient will transition and so will every caregiver.”