Here’s a look at some local news:

Regarding the cancellation of the Town of Silver City Municipal Election that was scheduled for March 5th, the town council voted to approve a settlement agreement that should resolve the issues contained in a lawsuit against the Town by the New Mexico Secretary of State. According to the agreement, the State agrees not to oppose an amendment to the Local Election Act during this year’s session which would give Silver City permission to hold annual elections. An amendment to allow annual elections by the Town may be considered before this legislative session ends on March 16th.

Candie Sweetser, State Representative District 32 of Deming, has sponsored a bill intended to expand economic development opportunities in counties across the state. House Bill 126 provides a $1.5 million appropriation to the economic development grant fund to assist in creating jobs and economic growth in all parts of the state. The Economic Development Grant Fund was created in 2014, but has never been funded. The bill has passed the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee and will now head to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee.

Grant County was presented with an award associated with the Risk Awareness Program during the 2019 NMC Legislative Conference earlier this month in Santa Fe. The Risk Awareness Program is a workplace risk control education program created to reduce the frequency and severity of county claims through improved awareness and safety practices. The award was presented by The New Mexico Counties, a non-profit, nonpartisan association representing the 33 counties of New Mexico since 1936.

Grant County 4-H celebrated the conclusion of the 2018 year with a fiesta earlier this month. Retiring officers were honored for their service and new officer were installed for the 2019 year. The retiring officers were as follows: President Cursten Blanton; Vice President Hanna Miller; Secretary Austin Harsh; Treasurer Ashleigh Armijo; and Song and Rec Leader, Tanna Goar. The new officers installed were as follows: President Justin Billings; Vice President Austin Harsh; Secretary Carson Billings; Treasurer Cody Lewis; Reporter, Tanna Goar; and Song and Rec Leader, Ashleigh Armijo. The outstanding 4-H members recognized were Krysten Jones, Sarah Gardner, and Christopher Morgan. County Commissioner Billy Billings and State representative Rebecca Dow, awarded a baking scholarship of $500.00 to Cursten Blanton. Cursten will be attending NMSU in the fall working towards an Ag degree.