Here’s a look at today’s news:

The New Mexico Sixth Judicial District Court Nominating Commission convened on Tuesday in Silver City, and completed its evaluation of the four candidates for the one vacancy on the Sixth Judicial District Court. The attorneys considered were: Christopher Cardenas, James B. Foy, William J. Perkins and Jakub Sherman. The Commission has recommended Foy and Perkins as candidates for district court judge to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

On Tuesday, the U.S Border Patrol working with the New Mexico National Guard, seized over $100,000 worth of marijuana as it was being smuggled through the southern New Mexico border near Playas. At approximately 9:30 P.M., a Lordsburg Border Patrol Agent using infrared surveillance equipment discovered four individuals traveling on foot near the smelter on Highway 1113, which is approximately 8 miles south of Playas. The suspects were apprehended by Border Patrol ATV units and a National Guard Helicopter utilizing night vision equipment. The four subjects were determined to be citizens of Mexico and will be detained pending criminal and immigration prosecution.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Department is alerting all area residents who receive mail in unsecured mail receptacles to take precautions against theft of their mail. There have been increased reports of mail theft and all are remaining under investigation. Suggestions for keeping mail safe include: have mail held at the local post office; install a locking mailbox; check the mailbox daily at the approximate time of delivery every day; set financial accounts up for paperless transactions; request a trusted person to promptly retrieve mail on a daily basis; network with trusted neighbors to watch mailboxes for suspicious persons or vehicles; and report all thefts or suspicious activity to local law enforcement immediately.

The retiring Pancho Villa State Park Manager, John Read, was honored last week at the Camp Furlong Recreation Hall in Columbus. The location was contained U.S Army troops under General John “Blackjack” Pershing in addition to infantry, cavalry and other soldiers over a century ago. John Read worked at the state park in Columbus for 10 years. He was directly responsible for many enhancements and improvements to the park and will be greatly missed.