Here’s a today’s local news:

At a special meeting held yesterday morning, the Silver City Town Council voted unanimously to cancel the scheduled March 5th municipal election. The vote came on the heels of the New Mexico Secretary State and state Attorney General alleging the March election did not follow the law contained in HB 98 that was passed during the 2018 legislative session. The next municipal election will be held in November of 2020. District 1 Councilor, Cynthia Bettison, and District 3 Councilor, Jose Ray, will extend their term until that time. Early voting for the March 5th election was set to begin next week.

The Western New Mexico University campus was the site of the Southwest Regional Science Olympiad Competition on Saturday with nearly 400 students competing from high schools and middle schools from around the region. Silver City Mayor and former science teacher, Ken Ladner, brought the event to Silver City 28 years ago to fulfill the need of a regional event whereby students could compete before attending the state competition. Teams from La Plata Middle School and Silver High School will represent Grant County in the state competition on February 23rd.

During the 2019 NMC Legislative Conference this month, Luna County was awarded a Worker’s Compensation Safety Award. The award is presented to counties that a positive claim trend and lowering the frequency of worker’s compensation. The county received a $7,000 contribution refund. Luna County has received three times with two honorable mentions.

The Sunshine Ambassadors have begun holding a dance class for individuals with disabilities. The classes are free and held each Monday at the Santa Clara Community Center from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. The class has no age limitations and features benefits that include: building self-esteem; exercise that influences weight management; develops social skills and making new friends; dancing taught at a slower pace with lots of repetition; and a practice DVD to take home. For more information, call Maria Perkins at 575-590-7077.