Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) has hired a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Michael Metts from Houston Texas has accepted the position which has been held for the past 6 month by Interim CFO Michael Rolph. Mr. Rolph temporarily performed the duties of CFO while the search was underway. “It has been a real treat working with Gila Regional over the past year,” said Mr. Rolph, “There are so many wonderful people working hard to do great things. I really enjoyed my time here.”

The families of three students from Silver City, New Mexico, who died in a small aircraft on May 23, 2014, have signed a settlement agreement with Aldo Leopold Charter School (ALCS) and the pilot’s estate addressing negligence in the accident.  Aldo Leopold Charter School maintained the flight was not a school trip despite being planned as part of the students’ eco monitoring internships, part of the Youth Conservation Corp, and ALCS core curriculum. As part of the settlement, ALCS has now acknowledged responsibility in the events leading to the crash. Additionally, facts about contributing events before the ill-fated flight and mistakes made by the pilot leading to the crash will be made available to the ALCS Governing Council and staff.

Silver Regional Sexual Assault Support Services (SRSASS) has restored local medical treatment and trauma care for anyone who has experienced a sexual assault or abuse.  The newly restored Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program is available through a partnership with SRSASS, La Clinica Health and Birth Center and New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc. SANE services include emergency contraception, trauma response, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, and referral to further support services, besides the standard forensic medical care offered.  SANE offers services all day, every day to adults and children of all genders by calling the crisis line at 1-866-750-6474.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today released a report highlighting ways Rural Development’s investments in communities, businesses and residents created jobs, provided economic opportunities and improved rural infrastructure in 2015.   “USDA Rural Development is an effective partner for economic growth in rural America,” Vilsack said. “In 2015, Rural Development provided $30 billion in direct and guaranteed loans and grants for nearly 171,000 awards to rural individuals, families, business owners, agricultural producers and communities. These investments – in affordable housing and homeownership; critical community facilities, water, electric, telecommunications infrastructure; renewable energy production and efficiency; local and regional food systems; and small business creation and expansion – have spurred job creation and improved the quality of life for millions of rural Americans.”

In legislative action, a compromise bill that will stop giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants passed the House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee by a 4-3 vote. House Bill 99 is sponsored by Reps. Paul Pacheco and Andy Nunez.

A bipartisan bill to close New Mexico’s child pornography loophole passed its first committee today on an 8-2 vote. The bill is sponsored by Representatives Sarah Maestas Barnes (R – Bernalillo), Randal Crowder (R – Curry) and Javier Martinez (D – Bernalillo).

Legislation to reform New Mexico’s existing “three strikes” law, also referred to as “Lilly’s Law,” passed the House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee today on a party-line vote. House Bill 56 is sponsored by Rep. Paul Pacheco. The bill would help close New Mexico’s criminal justice revolving door that has allowed dangerous career criminals out of jail free to commit additional acts of violence.