Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Resources responded to a wildland fire on the Reserve Ranger District, 18 miles southeast of Apache Creek and south of Highway 12.  The Rail Fire burned approximately 64 acres of mostly grass before forward progression was stopped by Gila National Forest and volunteer fire department engines and a helicopter from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

Silver City Ranger District fire managers have completed approximately 1,100 acres of the Cameron Creek Prescribed Fire on the Gila National Forest. The 2,100-acre project is six miles north and east of Silver City within the Ft. Bayard Wildlife Refuge.

During fire season, whether due to prescribed fires or wildland fires, smoke can be irritating to the eyes.  To take care of red, gritty or burning eyes, take into consideration these recommendations: don’t rinse your eyes repeatedly with saline or water unless there is something in the eye; don’t use “get the red out” products; do use ice-cold compresses and do rinse your eyes with artificial tears that coat and soothe.

In regards to the NM 90-Hudson Street Bridge Project, Interstate Highway Construction was working on repairing the concrete wall barrier joints, which had been incorrectly installed.  The joints allowed space for the bridge to move with the flow of traffic.  Valley Fence continues work on the pedestrian fence, and the painting contractor still has about two weeks of painting left to complete, then stream mitigation will start.  No more work is expected on Truck Bypass Road.

Yesterday around 5:20 pm, New Mexico State Police officers responded to the scene of a fatal motor vehicle crash near mile marker 111 on I-25 east of Deming.  The initial investigation revealed that a westbound motorcycle attempted to drive between two westbound commercial vehicles that were traveling side by side.  The motorcyclist lost control, fell to the pavement, and was struck by the tires of the semi-trailer.  He sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.  The crash is still under investigation.

The Travel Management Rule will go into effect across four districts of the Gila National Forest on July 1. The Travel Management Rule is mandated across all national forests and prohibits motor vehicle use off designated routes and roads. The four districts where the Travel Management Rule will begin are Quemado, Reserve, Wilderness and Black Range.  The Travel Management Rule will not occur on the Glenwood and Silver City Ranger Districts in 2016. These districts are working to complete resource surveys and obtain concurrence from the State Historic Preservation Office before the Travel Management Rule will go into effect.