Here’s a look at today’s news:

Luna County Sheriff’s Department has reported that a 12-year old boy from Juarez, Mexico was killed but what appears to be an accidental shooting. The boy was visiting his grandfather and allegedly found a 12-gauge shotgun in his grandfather’s closet, and accidentally shot himself. The body has been sent to the office of the medical examiner and the investigation will continue.

After being closed on Fridays for a little over a year, Luna County’s administrative offices reopened to the public on Friday. The Luna County Commissioners voted 2-1 last month to have the county revert to a five-day work-week. The county has been operating on a four-day work-week since June 26th of last year, but commissioners had reported continued complaints from residents and business owners who needed to conduct business with the county on Fridays. Under the updated schedule, county offices will be open from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

A Sixth Judicial District Court jury reached a verdict in the four- day trial of the murder of 23-year old, Cassy Brooks Farrington. Cassy was found deceased in a bathtub in her home in Silver City on March 24th of 2014. Former Silver City police officer and Cassy’s husband, Bradley Farrington, was found guilty of first degree murder. Farrington will remain in custody and his sentencing will be set for a future date.

Western New Mexico University President, Joseph Shepard, kicked off the annual Welcome Back Bash in Downtown Silver City on Friday night with his “State of the University” address outside Power & Light Press. He talked about changes to the university that included: adding of more online classes; athletic teams switching conferences; and the auditorium at Light Hall being transformed into a movie theater. In addition, future projects include the Aldo Leopold Charter School moving into the main floor of Ritch Hall this Fall, but Aldo Middle School students will remain at the school’s current location at 1422 U.S Highway 180 East in Silver City.