Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Three local students were recently awarded scholarships by the Copper Cowbelles.  The scholarships are awarded to Grant County High School Graduates pursuing agricultural college degrees, including animal science, range management, and horticulture.  The recipients of the 2014-15 scholarships are Ryan McCauley, an animal science major at NMSU; Tansee Bussey, an agricultural extension education major at NMSU; and Erin Crumbley-Fuchs, a veterinary medical student at Texas A & M.  Congratulations to these three scholarship recipients.

The Silver City Town Council yesterday approved a notice of intent to repeal an existing municipal ordinance dealing with texting while driving and adopt a new ordinance that specifies a $100 penalty for a texting while driving conviction.  The new ordinance is part of a mass of uniform traffic ordinances put together by the Municipal League for use by municipalities statewide to adopt.  Also at the meeting, October 5th through the 11th was declared as “Fire Prevention Week.”  Anthony Murillo, a firefighter/paramedic for the Silver City Fire Department will be the department’s coordinator for the week-long event, visiting schools and daycares and having open house at the town’s two fire stations, educating children about the need for fire prevention, particularly keeping home fire alarms operational.

The memorial edition of the Glenwood Gazette for founder and publisher Gale Moore is expected to be available beginning tomorrow.  A memorial ceremony is also set at 11 am on October 11th at the Glenwood Community Park.  And what about the future of the Gazette?  A woman has declared her intent to continue publishing the Glenwood Gazette, starting with the December issue. She is very familiar with the Glenwood area, but she asked to let her introduce herself and what her plans are for the Gazette in the December issue.