Here’s a look at today’s local news:

New Mexico Representative, Deborah Armstrong, is planning to meet with Health Secretary, Kathy Kunkel to discuss concerns regarding New Mexico’s immunization exemption laws, particularly in light of measles concerns. Currently, there are three types of allowable exemptions available that include: requiring a physician’s certification; a religious exemption that requires a written affirmation from a religious leader; and a religious exemption that can be submitted by parents or legal guardians. Having immunization rates of 95% or higher is preferable because it provides a “herd immunity” effect in which sustained outbreaks are less likely to occur.  Last week there was a reported case of measles in a one-year old child from Sierra County, the first reported case since December 2014, and according to the health department.

The Silver City Public Library is implementing a new computer system that will enable wireless printing that allows library users to print from their own laptops, tablets, or smart phones. The new system, called Cybrarian, was started today and will be available by the latest Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend.

According to Silver Consolidated Schools Board of Education President, Eddie Flores, the district is hiring two security guards that will be ready in August when schools return for the 2019-20 year. The guards will be trained law enforcement officers and will not just be in a stationary position watching cameras. In addition, it was reported that the security guards will not be armed.

The Grant County Copper Cowbelles are now taking scholarship applications for students pursuing jobs in trade professions. They will continue to offer scholarships for college degrees in agricultural fields but recognize the need to reach a broader field of applicants in rural areas by supporting those individuals that want careers such as welders, plumbers, electricians and lineman. Those interested in receiving an application should contact Pat at 575-534-7649 as soon as possible. The CowBelles are a non-profit organization whose interest is providing educational information about the beef industry and preserving the western heritage of the area.