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Emerging Mustang Leadership Program Kickoff. The Emerging Mustang Leadership Program helps students become a more effective communicator, be a strong team leader, better able to work through workplace conflict, develop a more aggressive approach to job search, and so much more.  With classes in full session, the cohort of the Emerging Mustang Leadership Program kicks off the school year with its first meeting on September 15th from 11am to 12pm in the Student Life Conference room.  If you want to learn more or are interested in becoming a part of a group of people banded together to help our future leaders, join the cohort’s first meeting on Thursday, September 15th, at 11am in the Student Life Conference Room at Western New Mexico University.


World Cleanup Day is this Saturday, September 17th. The Silver City Watershed Keepers invites everyone to join in on this community wide event on Saturday at Gough Park. Volunteers will meet at 9am in the Gough Park parking lot to pick up trash bags, gloves, trash pickers and snacks and finish between 11 am and 12 pm. Come be a part of our community clean-up on World Clean-up Day and Toss No Mas this Saturday, September 17th from 9am to 12 noon!


A new mosquito is stalking New Mexico. With the onset of climate change and milder winters, the mosquito season which used to start around Memorial Day and round off by Balloon Fiesta, can now weather through longer into winter. A new mosquito, the Aedes Aegypti has been found in Albuquerque and points south. This mosquito is more aggressive and is “human focused”. Meaning they have no interest in biting animals. Besides the fact that they are a nuisance, they can transmit four critical mosquito-borne viruses: Zika, Chikungunya, dengue fever and yellow fever. These diseases have not been transmitted in New Mexico but this mosquito’s unique ability to adapt to humans means that it presents a great danger to us. These mosquitos are bold black and white striped mosquitos and can disseminate virus quickly. This information from Source NM, article by Sara Van Note, 09-12-2022.


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