Chile inspections at the Columbus, New Mexico border have heightened. The chile season is very productive this year. Growers and exporters in Mexico have experienced a longer wait time at the border. Shipments are up by about 25% at the Columbus border increasing the time needed for shipment inspections. As part of “Operation Hot Chile”, inspectors are looking for anything that could affect domestic crops in New Mexico. This is very important to New Mexico farmers. A physical inspection and / or X-ray scan is done. Any shipment having any pests, diseases or any contaminated soil or noxious seeds entering at the border are returned. The chile harvest in New Mexico is ahead of schedule and between 55,000 and 60,000 tons of peppers are expected to be harvested this year. The chile harvest  is celebrated in August with the Hatch Chile Festival. People from many parts of the country as far as New York, Hawaii and Kansas come to celebrate and get their fix of the “world famous” New Mexico chile.

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture is seeking applications for chef ambassadors to be part of its New Mexico – Taste the Tradition Chef Ambassador Program. This program was initiated in 2018, and Chef Rocky Durham and Chef John Hartley served as ambassadors. The application process is very competitive and those who are selected will serve a two-year term. These chefs will advocate for and promote New Mexico agriculture at different events, such as the New Mexico State Fair and Home Grown: a New Mexico Food Show and Gift Market, in addition to industry conferences. While providing a voice for New Mexico agriculture, chefs will gain industry exposure and receive recognition. Application information on the Elevate New Mexico Agriculture website and the deadline to apply is Monday, October 10th.

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My Little School – Child Find Development Screening offers evaluations to parents who have concerns about their children’s development, academic, or behavioral progress. Children residing in Deming, Columbus, and Luna County may be referred for testing and consideration for the Special Education Services. If you feel your child might benefit from these services, please contact the Deming Schools Special Education Department at 575-546-0427,