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The summer, Grant County employed 17 young adults for six-week internships made possible by a program from the State of New Mexico Public Education Department. Participating students came from Silver City, Bayard, Santa Clara, and Cliff with internship placements in the Sheriff’s Department, Treasurer’s Department, County Manager’s office, Maintenance and Road Departments, Corre Caminos, and DWI. The students received a complete orientation and received employee guidelines along with Grant County rules and regulations.

The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department has released 3 videos in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese (and soon in Diné) that will take families step-by-step through the process of applying for free childcare, intervention services through the Family Toddler Program, and Home visiting services. The videos are available on the Moments Together website at and on the Moments Together YouTube channel. In addition, individuals are permitted and encouraged to share, embed, and broadcast the 2-minute tutorials with proper attribution and without alteration.

The Silver City Museum is opening a new exhibit this Friday in the Besse Forward Gallery featuring the work of clay artist Catherine Acosta Russo and mosaic artist Lydia Villegas (both originally from Grant County and graduates of Cobre High School) and curated by Diana Ingalls Leyba. According to a new release, “the Exhibit, which runs through October, features several mosaic selections of varying sizes from Villegas, owner of LV Studio, as well as highly-textured ceramic sculptures by Acosta Russo, co-owner of Seedboat Center for the Arts.” This is the sixth Arte Chicano exhibit, which this year coincides with the observation of Latino Conservation Week, July 17th through 25th.

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