The Gila National Forest green team helps to conserve resources. The green team known as the “Trash Talkers” are a small, but special group of employees who help the forest by increasing recycling and reducing waste. The group, led by Lisa Mizuno, provides information to employees about ways of reducing their footprint at home and at the office. One of their resourceful ideas is to turn used paper that is still good on one side (GOOS) into scratch pads. This allows the paper to be used a second time as well as reducing the number of single use notepads purchased and used by the forest. A total of 526 GOOS scratch pads were churned out by the Trash Talkers, that is equivalent to four reams of paper and saving $157 worth of single-use notepads. 

Pen, Pencil, and Print Exhibition opening reception will be Thursday, January 26th at 6pm at Francis McCray Gallery. This exhibition of original works is illustrated on paper such as lithograph prints, pen and ink, and pencil drawings. The Western New Mexico University’s collection is only a small sample of the works of art and many have not been seen for decades. The collection comprises sculptures, photographs, paintings, prints, textiles, and ceramics. The exhibition is currently open between January 23rd through Thursday, February 16th.

For our Luna County listeners…

The Board of County Commissioners of Luna County intends to revise Ordinance 76 at the next meeting on Thursday, February 9th at 10am at the Luna County Courthouse.  The title of Ordinance 76 is Tax Obligations for Land Transfers, Division and / or Recombinations. The proposed 2nd revision to Ordinance 76 is to revise the procedure applicable for use in assisting the County Assessor in maintaining accurate records of tax assessments when ownership of land changes. Once the approval and recording of Ordinance 104 takes place, the ordinance will go into effect 30 days later. A copy of the Ordinance is available in the Luna County Clerk’s Office and the Luna County Manager’s Office at the Luna County Courthouse.