The Western New Mexico University Board of Regents will meet at the Capitol to discuss the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year Audit Report, Fiscal Year 2023 Quarter 2 Financial Certification and the Capital Project Transmittal for the Deming Learning Center. WNMU President Dr. Joseph Shepard and Vice President for Business Affairs Kelley Riddle are slated to give reports and present action items. The meeting will be at the New Mexico State Capitol building following Grant County Day at the legislature and will begin at 9am on Thursday, February 2nd.

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture asks pecan growers and consumers to be aware of the pecan weevil and that pecan weevil quarantines are in effect. Both interior and exterior pecan weevil quarantines are in effect in New Mexico. The evidence of a pecan weevil will appear as an exit hole about the size of a BB in the nut during harvest season and is surrounded by dark halo. Consumers must be aware of where those pecans came from and whether that location is a quarantined area. Growers must be aware of quarantined counties and what precautions to take. The NMDA stresses the importance of monitoring for the pecan weevil and inspecting shells for holes that may indicate the presence of pecan weevils. For more information and / or rules on pecan weevil quarantines, how to report the presence of, and compliance agreements for shipping, please email pecan at .

WNMU will host a Facts about SNAP and Department of Health Workshop. Visit the Mustang Dining Hall on Wednesday, January 25th at 11am to become more educated about food stamps in New Mexico, steps to apply for the SNAP program, and the Grant County Department of Health. 

For our Hidalgo County Listeners:

Financial assistance may be available to anyone wishing to obtain a GED should contact the Lordsburg Elks at 575 – 639 – 2484 or Sherri Arredondo at 575 – 313 – 7738.