Here’s a look at the local headlines:

After introducing new scratchers yesterday, including the photographed state landmarks of the “I Love New Mexico” scratchers, the New Mexico Lottery sold $321,000 in scratchers, its highest one-day sales since March of 2010.  According to the release, the lottery began a strategy to launch new scratchers the first Tuesday of the month.  The “Super Tuesday” goal is to “create a more exciting marketplace for players and generate more profit for Legislative Lottery Scholarships.”  Since it began in 1996, the Lottery scholarship has been provided to more than 90,000 students who have attended college in New Mexico.

A lawsuit was filed in State District Court that is aimed at allowing non-party-affiliated voters access to vote in New Mexico’s primary elections.  Currently, New Mexico is one of eleven states that has a closed-primary system.  19% of the state’s voters are registered DTS, or “declined to state” their party.  The lawsuit would allow those voters registered as DTS to request a major party ballot at the primary election, and then vote for either the Democratic or Republican slate of candidates.

The Burned Area Emergency Response funding for this spring’s Signal Fire was approved and work is scheduled to begin.  The priority is to provide for public safety, such as removing hazard trees, clearing channels, stabilizing roads and trails, and installing caution signs.  Aerial seeding will then be used to establish cover on high to moderate severe burn areas, which includes roughly 35 percent of the Signal Fire.  Some areas of the Signal Fire burn area remain closed for public safety.  Visit “www dot F S dot USDA dot gov” for closure details.

The Wild, Wild West Pro Rodeo kicks off tonight at 8:00 pm with the Boys and the Bulls, and the famous Pete Carr stock will be there.  “Anytime Pete Carr has a rodeo, you know the stock’s going to be great,” the No. 1 bull rider in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Sage Kimzey states. “His bull string is one of the best in the business.”  Bareback Rider Richie Champion stated of the Carr stock of broncs, “It seems like you can’t draw a bad horse.  Pete brings the best of the best, and guys try hard to win.”  So if you want to see what this well-known stock team can do, head out to the Rodeo:  going on tonight through Saturday at 8 pm.  Tickets are $18 at the gate, or $15 in advance.