Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Today, Silver City was recognized as the 3rd most exciting place in New Mexico.  To check out the full story on – most exciting places.  (  Part of their criteria to earn this ranking was based on that about 25% of our population is between the ages of 18 and 34, WNMU being located here, is considered one of the best music venues per capita and is No. 4 in nightlife.  Also, Silver City ranked 2nd best is active life options and 2nd best in art.  We ranked 10th in best non-fast food restaurants. 

In national news- today Hobby Lobby wins contraceptive ruling in Supreme Court 5-4 opinion. U.S. Senator Udall released a statement as per this ruling saying, ‘Today, the U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong. The Court’s ruling in Hobby Lobby is a step backward for women’s health.”   The ruling supports that for profit corporations that hold sincerely held religion beliefs do not have to provide a full range of contraceptives at no cost to their employees pursuant to the Affordable Care Act. 

Just to share, in case anyone doesn’t know, on Saturday night at 10:59, there was a 5.2 earthquake with its epicenter near Duncan, Arizona. There were several additional aftershocks. Residences in Duncan have home ceilings and floors with cracks. In New Mexico history, there have only been a few with similar magnitude.  The earliest reported earthquake was in July 1906 with an estimated magnitude of 6.5. In 1966, there was a quake with a magnitude of 5.5 near Dulce.  In 1973, there was one near Grants that was a 4.1.  Overall, New Mexico doesn’t have that many earthquakes. For more information on earth quakes, check out 

Regarding fireworks, before residents should set off any fireworks, they should check with their local public safety departments on restrictions. We, at Silver City Radio, as we receive these notices, will let you know what restrictions are in place. Right now we have information from the following communities: 

  • The Village of Santa Clara passed an emergency ordinance adopting a ban on all fireworks and fires within the village limits for 30 days.  This ordinance was passed, adopted and approved on June 19, 2014; and, therefore, will be in effect until July 19, 2014. This applies to all fireworks regardless of whether they are ground or aerial. 
  • Bayard has a provision in place 18-64 on sale and use of fireworks. All missile, helicopter type, aerials, ground rockets, audible devices, etc. are not allowed within the city limits. Permitted fireworks are only allowed on paved streets or barren areas with a water source readily available. Violation of this is a petty misdemeanor. Direct questions to the Public Safety Department on full disclosure. 

We have an announcement for parents.  If you live in the Sixth St. Elementary school zone and your child will be starting kindergarten through 3rd grade, the K3+ program starts on July 1st. There’s still time to get your child registered.   Please call 956-2150 for more information”. 

Tomorrow, there will be a Veteran’s Service officer available at the American Legion office on College Avenue.  The officer will be providing assistance with VA related concerns and state benefits. 

Lastly, due to predicted heavy rains and thundershowers starting this week, the catwalk is open during limited hours of only 8am to 1pm.