From left to right:  Raelynn Moon, Mary Thuerauf, Trent Kasten, Jeremy Gardner, Tanah Lowe, Clell Bays, Ty Dalton, Ethan Fisher, Jordan Gonzalez and Tyler Monzingo


Ten Grant County 4-H members attended the New Mexico 4-H State Conference July 13-16, 2015.  This year’s theme was, “Take the Scenic Route.” Members competed in contests such as Livestock, Horse, Hippology, Horticulture, Public Speaking (Prepared Speech and Impromptu) and Wildlife Evaluation.  The week was filled with dances, workshops and fun with friends from around the state.  Grant County teams did well in their contests:

Hippology Team:  

Team Members: Mary Thuerauf, Tanah Lowe and Jeremy Gardner

Mary Thuerauf placed 2nd high individual


Clell Bays

Horticulture Team:

Team 1 Members:  Mary Thuerauf, Jeremy Gardner, Raelynn Moon and Ethan Fisher

Team 2 Members: Ty Dalton, Jordan Gonzalez

Raelynn Moon placed 5th high individual

Livestock Team:

Team Members:  Clell Bays, Trent Kasten, Raelynn Moon and Ethan Fisher

Public Speaking:

Prepared Speech:

Trent Kasten 4th place high individual

Ethan Fisher

Impromptu Speech:

Tyler Monzingo

Wildlife Team:

Team Members:  Tyler Monzingo, Jordan Gonzalez, Ty Dalton and Jeremy Gardner

Ty Dalton 4th place high individual

Tyler Monzingo 5th place high individual

Tanah Lowe also served as a 2015 State 4-H Diplomat.