Here’s a look at some local news:

The Grant County Regional Dispatch Authority received a call late Wednesday morning at approximately 10:50 A.M., regarding a male suspect calling them and threatening to “shoot up the school.” The Silver City Police Department responded with all available officers and assistance from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office within minutes, and created a “fluid perimeter” around the high school, leaving availability to respond to other schools if necessary. Silver High School was put on lock-down that was lifted at 12:00 noon. Responding officers found no suspicious activity.

At approximately 11:54 A.M. on Wednesday, an armed male individual entered Silver City Jewelers at 401 North Bullard Street pointed a hand gun at the clerk and demanded all the safes be unlocked. He proceeded to take jewelry from the cabinets and cash from the register, pepper sprayed the clerk, and fled on foot. The robber was wearing a gray hoodie. The clerk was reported to not have been seriously injured. Silver City Police Chief, Fred Portillo, has reported that certain locations where the stolen merchandise may be redeemed for cash have been alerted. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call the  Grant County Regional Dispatch Authority at 388-8840 or the Silver City Police Department at 538-3723.

Twin brothers were rescued by U.S Border Patrol officers in the Florida (Flo-Ree-Dah) Mountains in Luna County last weekend. According to the Deming Headlight, the brothers, from Roswell, were at approximately 5,500 feet when one of them began suffering the severe effects of dehydration. After receiving location coordinates, the Border Patrol officers rode to the area in ATV’s and continued on foot until they reached the two young men. It was reported that one of the Border Patrol agents shoulder carried one of the victims down mountain where EMS transported him to Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming. It was determined that the hunter has consumed too much water earlier that day and was suffering from salt depletion. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday in good health.

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