Are you looking for a new summer project? Submissions are now open for the First Annual Silver City Community Film Festival that is set to take place in October. Grant County, Deming and Lordsburg community members are welcome to participate and show off their hidden talents. Filmmakers of all ages are encouraged to get creative by telling a story, interviewing someone special to them and by showing off their diverse artistic talent. Deadline to submit your film is September 1st. For more information, visit website

The City of Lordsburg will be having its monthly Lordsburg Economic Advancement Project Town Hall meeting tomorrow, July 11th where the topic of discussion will be Law Enforcement.  The meeting will take place at 5:00 p.m. at the Lordsburg Hidalgo Chamber of Commerce. The public is encouraged to attend.

Luna County has announced “Luna County NM Alert” as the official emergency notification system used by the County of Luna to communicate with city residents during emergency situations. This system is provided by Rave Mobile Safety and Smart911 to send notifications by phone, email, text and social media to help keep citizens informed of emergencies. To learn more and sign up, visit website.

Last in Our News is an update on the Lolo and Ridge Fire:

The Ridge Fire is approximately 1,100 acres burning as of July 9th. Crews have begun assessing private residences as they plan for potential structure protection. Gusty winds and lightning in the upcoming weather forecast may hinder crews who have been conducting prep work on trails and roads that will be used as holding features in future operations. A variety of confine and contain tactics will be used to keep the fire south of Gilita Creek, west of the Middle Fork Gila River, north of Middle Fork Trail #151, and east of an unnamed ridge above Willow Creek Campground. 

The Lolo Fire transitioned to a type 3 incident management team as of July 9th and is estimated at 378 acres in the Quemado Ranger District. Since the fire’s start date, it has moved north/northeast and crested over the rim and is backing down into accessible terrain to the east where fire crews are able to engage it. Crews have stopped forward progress along the southern perimeter and will continue to secure that edge. More favorable weather and fuel conditions are needed before fire crews can engage the northern perimeter. The confine and contain strategy is still being applied using area roads and natural features to limit the fire’s spread.