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The state of New Mexico is making the public aware that it is a crime to falsify or fraudulently use a CDC vaccination card. According to a news release, as the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus surges nationally, a cottage industry has developed to provide fake vaccination cards, which some unscrupulous individuals are using to avoid COVID safety protocols. Anyone who suspects fraudulent use of a vaccination card should report it immediately by calling the Department of Health.

The Silver City Museum and the Western Institute for Lifelong Learning is presenting an event on Saturday, September 18th featuring the Silver City’s new curator, Javier Marrufo, discussing the Chihuahua Hill History project. Javier will share his personal interest in the project both as a historian and a Chicano born and raised in Silver City. The Chihuahua Hill area is one of Silver City’s oldest and least understood neighborhoods. The event will take place both at the Silco Theatre in downtown Silver City and on the virtual platform Zoom, where questions and commentary will be relayed to Javier and the live audience in real time. To register on Zoom, go to SilverCityMuseum.Org and click on the Programs & Events tab.

The Silver Consolidated School District is organizing a public auction at 10:00 A.M. Friday, September 24th. The gates will be opened at 7:00 AM for preview of auction materials and bid documents may be obtained the morning of the auction. The equipment is offered in “as is” condition in addition to the following:

  • The items will be auctioned as stated and not divided
  • Bids will be awarded in the best interest of the District
  • The bidder is responsible for retrieving the awarded items the day of the auction
  • The successful bidder must pay for the materials awarded at the end of the auction

All materials can be inspected by making an appointment with Amanda Peterson, Purchasing Agent for Silver Consolidated Schools.

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