The Commons Alimento School Food Partnership Program, which works with individual schools to design a food program that meets the needs of children and their families, has expanded and is now serving 15 locations in Grant County. The program helps meet individual school needs by providing food boxes, farm stands, backpack supplemental packs, in school pantries and in classroom snacks. Providing all of these potential services allows The Commons to help with not only individual children but other family members as well. If you are interested in learning more about the program or volunteering, visit website

The Deputy City Manager for the City of Farmington along with the Farmington Fire Department Deputy Chief of Administration and the Regional Behavioral Health Clinic Administrator will be presenting “Community Solutions to Substance Abuse, Mental Health Challenges and Homelessness”.  The presentation will be focusing on the idea of a “Joint Prevention Program” that focuses on preventive intervention and will take place this evening, November 2nd at 6:00 p.m. at the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center in Silver City. All community members are encouraged to attend. 

The Western New Mexico University School of Education is in its second year of offering a “Teacher Residency” program that allows students finishing their coursework to earn $35,000 for a two-semester guided apprenticeship. The program pairs each resident teacher with a mentor teacher who works in a New Mexican public or tribal school to help the residents understand the school system and how it works. Students planning to teach at any grade level and in any subject and are going to teach in New Mexico for at least three years are eligible to apply. To learn more about the program or to apply, visit  website

Luna County is recruiting volunteers to join the Luna County Volunteer Fire Department team. The fire department provides unlimited opportunities for training, advancement and making the community a better place. For more information on how to become a volunteer, visit the website

In New Mexico News:

The Department of Game and Fish is recommending that hunters contact the appropriate management agency prior to hunting for information on activities that may affect access or animal behavior in certain hunting areas.  Prescribed burns, wildfires, closures and other activities may affect hunting on public lands or be conducted by land management agencies during hunting seasons, therefore contacting the appropriate management agency before hunting is important. For a list of agency contact information, visit website