Freddie Portillo will be speaking at the next Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday, January 24th, at 1pm at the WNMU Student Memorial Building Sunset room. Freddie Portillo, Silver City’s Chief of Police will be speaking on the topic of “Code Enforcement.”  The Silver City Rotary Club is dedicated to both community service and friendship.

Adult Education Services at Western New Mexico University are being revamped and revitalized. Colton Bjerke, a new arrival to WNMU, is working to expand services for migrants to include integrated education, vocational training, and civics education. The process is in the works to bring those services that have been offered through online means to face-to-face courses and tutoring. Bjerke’s goal is to see more people enrolled in the WNMU Adult Education Services who are seeking degrees or certificates. This will provide them with training and equip them with skills to help further their employment opportunities as well as improve the regional economy and create a strong workforce. For more on free Adult Education Services visit AES.WNMU.EDU 

Border Agents have seen an increase in smuggling activities in New Mexico this past week. According to a news release from the US Border Patrol, agents continue to watch Southern New Mexico roads. They have stopped 10 suspicious vehicles and captured 30 unauthorized migrants this past week. These stops took place on NM State Highway 26 northeast of Deming. This highway connects Deming to roads leading north. Red flags were raised and Border Agents set up tactical  checkpoints around Deming, Lordsburg and other points. Since October 1, 2022, the El Paso Sector, which includes New Mexico, has recorded 106,561 migrant encounters. Southern New Mexico is not all protected by a border wall and offers massive stretches of desert land that provides opportunity for transnational criminal organizations to smuggle migrants into the United States.