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At the time of compiling this report, the New Mexico Department of Health, announced a total of 108,088 New Mexico COVID-19 confirmed positive cases statewide, an increase of 1,250 new cases. In addition, COVID-19 cases recorded locally are as follows: Grant County increased 3 new cases for a total of 554  positive cases; Luna County increased 12 new cases for a total of 2,061 positive cases; Hidalgo County increased 2 new cases for a total 193 total positive cases; and Catron County increased 2 new case 48 positive cases. Statewide, there are 919 COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The New Mexico Finance Authority opened up availability today at 12 noon for Small Business CARES Relief Grants. Eligible businesses of 100 or fewer employees my apply for the funding that include:

  • For-profit businesses that are at least 51% owned by New Mexico residents
  • Nonprofit organizations designated as a 501(c)(3), 501(C)(6) or 501(c)(8) entity
  • And 501(c) entities that serve members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

According to a release, applications will be reviewed in three funding rounds and if the number of applications exceed available funds in a round, they will be prioritized based on the severity of economic impact experienced by the business. Special consideration will be given to industries that have been severely affected by the public health emergency, including hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality and tourism-related businesses. Information on the guidelines, eligibility requirements, required documents, and the application process is available at

Today is recognized as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, observed annually in the United States to remember and honor those U.S citizens who were killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Sunday morning, December 7th, 1941. The total number of military personnel killed was 2,335, including 2,008 navy personnel, 109 marines, and 218 army. Added to this were 68 civilians, making the total 2403 people. Today, we remember the heroes who lost their lives and the survivors who were forever shaped by the events of that day.

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