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During the most recent session of the New Mexico State Legislature, the Town of Silver City was designated to receive nearly $2 million for various capital improvement projects. According to a release from the Town, the largest budget item is to go toward “improvements to Little Walnut Road, including right-of-way acquisitions of land to support the redesign, rebuilding the expansion of the town roadway north of Chavez Lane to include the addition of bicycle lanes, improved curb and gutter for improved drainage, in addition to ADA-compliant sidewalks, drive pads, signage and striping. It is reported that an additional $500,000 will support ongoing renovation of the historic Waterworks building on Little Walnut that include plans for a layover station for Continental Divide Trail users, camp sites for hikers and bikers, and future restrooms and kitchen facilities that can be available for use by area residents. The Waterworks building is also planned to be developed into a museum. Addition funds will be allocated towards additional road projects and recreational outdoor assets.

 PNM is recognizing Earth Day with the PNM Refrigerator recycling Program whereby customers can earn $50 by recycling their old working fridge or freezer and save from the reduced energy use. According to a release, PNM customers who recycled old units last year helped save approximately 3 million kilowatt-hours of energy, the equivalent of powering 358 homes for an entire year. Customers can visit to schedule a pickup date online and receive a $50 check about 4 weeks after the pickup date.

With wildfire season about to begin, there are several do-it-yourself wildfire prep projects that can be implemented at home. It is important to maintain roof and gutters by removing debris, including leaves and pine needles that accumulate from nearby and overhanging trees. In addition, routinely remove debris from around skylights. Dry debris can be ignited by wind-blown embers. For more do-it-yourself wildfire prep projects, visit

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