Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The Silver City Town Council recently made a decision to ban talking on cell phones while driving.  The ordinance becomes enforceable on Thursday, June 23rd.  The town already has a ban on texting while driving.  This law extends that to using one’s mobile cellular device with their hands at all, including calls – even including “hands-free” devices which still require buttons to be pressed.  For the first month, motorists and bicyclists will be stopped and verbally warned of the changes in the ordinance.  On or after July 23rd, officers will begin enforcement on those who are seen using their cellular phones or radio-telephones, either talking or texting, while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle.

Glass collection for recycling will be discontinued effective July 1st for all Town of Silver City residents who have been recycling their glass as part of curbside recycling.  The drop-off bins for glass at the landfill will also be removed.  To ensure your safety, please dispose of glass in your trash receptacle.  Place unbroken jars and bottles in your trash bag and set them in the trash cart.  Dispose of broken glass carefully and in a cardboard box when possible.  For additional information about recycling, contact the Office of Sustainability at 519-8987.

I-10 Westbound was closed for a while yesterday due to a commercial vehicle rollover at the 71 mile post in the Deming area.  Traffic was rerouted and detoured on Highway 418.

Sources told Judicial Watch that police in a US town bordering Mexico have apprehended an undocumented Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region’s gas pipeline plans.  Authoritees pulled over the woman, who was described as an “Islamic refugee” during a traffic stop in Luna County.  Authoritees alerted US Border Patrol and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces were deployed to the area to investigate.  The gas pipeline plans in the woman’s possession include the Deming region.  Luna County officials assure residents that no such arrest has been made.

New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller announced meetings around the state with community members and advocates on sexual assault evidence kits.  The meetings will take place in the areas that have been selected for the Office of the State Auditor’s audit that aims to identify the causes of the statewide rape kit backlog.  Meetings will be held between June 20th and July 14th in Clovis, Gallup, Farmington, Las Cruces, Hobbs, Albuquerque and Espanola.