Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The Gila National Forest Reserve Ranger District plans district-wide pile burns, weather and fire conditions permitting.  These areas will be signed and posted for public awareness, and burns are scheduled to being the week of August 1.  The burns will be conducted in the following areas: Negrito Fire Base piles, the SU slash pit, Five Bar subdivision piles, Highway Department piles, Gilita slash pit piles, and Black/Deer/Sixshooter Timber Sale piles.

The Fort Bayard Preservation Society recently received a donation of $123.80 from the Silver City Food Co-op through the bag refund donation program.  When shoppers bring their own bags to use at the Food Co-op, they are given a 5-cent bag token to donate to one of two non-profit organizations each month.

Grant County Commissioner Gabriel Ramos recently teamed up with Santa Clara, Bayard and the Forest Service to plan wetlands using treated effluent from the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant to recharge aquifers and provide riparian habitat.  Gila National Forest Supervisor Adam Mendonca said of the project, “we will continue the conversation with the compliance personnel, but I think we can try to have a riparian area for wildlife habitat.  We have seen some examples in Arizona that are working well.”

US Senator Martin Heinrich welcomed the news that the US Department of Justice is seeking a warrant to retrieve a stolen Pueblo of Acoma religious shield that is being held in France.  The shield was scheduled to be sold off by the EVE Auction House in Paris in May, but was cancelled after the Pueblo of Acoma, Senator Heinrich, and others worked to halt the sale.