Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

On Friday, US Senator Tom Udall delivered a speech on the Senate floor against a bill to mandate approval of the Keystone Pipeline.  Udall said that Congress should not intervene in approving a pipeline for a foreign corporation.  Udall then called on Congress to set priorities for developing a clean energy economy, with a broader energy policy that includes oil and gas, but also emphasizes renewable energy and new technology.

Gila Regional Medical Center recently announced the completion of the transition of Emergency Room care at the hospital to Innova.  Innova is a regional ER provider group that has been recognized as an innovator in patient care by using a physician staffing model to attract fresh, talented and leading-edge physicians to emergency departments.  The group has established new programs that measures the time it takes a provider to first see a patient in the ER.  Goals at GRMC include seeing each patient in less than 15 minutes on average, and to have an average length of stay in the ER of less than two hours.

A recent study ranks New Mexico as one of the riskiest places to drive.  According to the report, people are driving too fast, not driving in the correct lane, and driving in the slow lane when they should be in the fast lane.  New Mexico is also known for worse offenses such as drinking and driving.  The study shows that New Mexico nearly tops a list of states for uninsured driving.

Candidates for the Deming Public School Board recently gathered to introduce themselves and answer questions from the public.  District 4 incumbent Anderson Bayne spoke of the challenges the schools currently face, including single mothers, grandparents raising families, drug and alcohol abuse and teacher shortages.  He also reported the districts high national rating and the improvements in schools which had previously received low scores.  District 4 candidate Fred Williams said he would like to see a school readiness program in Luna County.  District 5 candidate Ruben Torrez wants to ensure all of Deming Public School students go on to graduate from high school.  Francine Jacobs, District 5 candidate and graduate of a large school system, offers a different viewpoint on how to better local schools.  The third District 5 candidate, Don Heacox, wants to tackle community issues such as discouragement and respect.  John Staehle, District 3 candidate, hopes to see more participation on the board itself and Matt Robinson, also District 3, says he would like to see the school get involved with advancing technologies, programming and computer science courses, and improved communications with the community.