Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture announce the availability of more than $160 million in funding for research, education, and extension projects that address key challenges affecting US agriculture production.  The Initiative was created to find innovative solutions to challenges faced in society; including hunger and food security, health, climate, food safety, and bioenergy.  See available applications and application deadlines at

The Silver City Town Council passed a notice of intent ordinance to raise the gross receipts tax by one-fourth of one percent at its Thursday meeting.  According to Assistant Town Manager James Marshall, “the quarter percent would basically bring the town back to revenue neutral, which means we don’t have to cut services, we’re able to maintain our police, fire, library and museum.”

Tanah Lowe of Silver City was recently inducted as a 2015 4-H diplomat during the annual 4-H Senior Leadership Retreat in Albuquerque.  Diplomat responsibilities include assisting with livestock shows at the State Fair, planning and conducting the senior leadership retreat, and assisting with the State 4-H conference.

VFW Post 3347 in Arenas Valley named Elieen Piercy, a third-grade teacher at Jose Barrios Elementary School as the 1st place winner of the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizen Education Award.  The post said the community needs to honor those teachers who are deeply concerned about America and its children. The teachers concerned about the perpetuation of America’s noblest traditions and highest ideals. Prime candidates for this award are teachers who teach citizenship education topics regularly, and who promote America’s history and traditions effectively, along with civic responsibility, flag etiquette, and patriotism.

In legislative action:

Legislation that would significantly reduce workers’ compensation in cases when the employee’s death or injury is the result of being drunk or high on the job passed the House floor by a bi-partisan vote of 64-2.