This Coming January For TWO NIGHTS ONLY locally born actress Rosaruby Kagan will perform her touching and hilarious “MUST SEE” Montréal hit solo show…

Bunny Bunny,GILDA RADNER; A Sort of Love Story by Alan Zweibel

Starring Rosaruby Kagan / Directed by Tanner Harvey

Friday January 3rd & Saturday January 4th 7:30 pm

A SPACE Gallery, 110 W 7th St, Silver City, NM
$10 at the door
Tickets also on sale at MRAC Office, Wells Fargo Bank

“Flawlessly performed… Kagan is mesmerizing…
Bunny Bunny is a gorgeous tribute to one of the most beloved comedic performers of all-time.”

“Bunny Bunny” is a high energy and touching solo performance of Zweibel’s tribute to the hilarious and lovable Gilda Radner; recounting the friendship of these two Saturday Night Live comic icons
Who shared more than just a few good laughs…


Actress Rosaruby Kagan grew up in the Mimbres Valley outside of Silver City. From a young age she exhibited a strong love and talent for the stage and left at an early age to follow her theatrical aspirations. She has worked with numerous renowned Theatre Companies producing and performing in New York City, Austin and most Currently in Montreal. She recently founded her own Production Company Red Body Productions. “Bunny Bunny” is her third and most successful solo show having received Rave Reviews from Montreal audiences and critics alike. Rosaruby is excited to be able to bring “Bunny Bunny” to her home town Silver City before she goes off to tour the show in Lawrence Kansas at Rubber Rep Theatre, and then to Victoria, British Columbia as part of the internationally recognized Uno Festival this coming May.

“An entirely relatable experience made remarkable and special…
Kagan so completely melts into Gilda’s frame and face that a few times there I thought I was watching Gilda herself for a spell.”


Performed by Rosaruby Kagan and Directed by Tanner Harvey, “Bunny Bunny: GILDA RADNER: A Sort of Love Story” is their stage abridgment of Alan Zweibel’s book, by the same name. An homage to his long-time friend Gilda Radner, Zweibel’s book recounts his “most cherished memories” in a melange of vignettes sketched in dialogue.

From ‘complicated’ beginnings during their Saturday Night Live heyday, to Gilda’s battle against cancer, this new production tackles Zweibel’s intimate memoir with a compassion and foolhardiness that’s sure to affirm that, “the love and loyalty of a true friend may be the best kind of love there is.” (Glenn Close, on Zweibel’s original “Bunny Bunny”)


In 1975, comedy writer Alan Zweibel got his big break with a new sketch comedy show to be called Saturday Night Live; he was 25 years old. During the show’s first five seasons he collaborated with, and grew very close to, comedienne, Gilda Radner. “Bunny Bunny: GILDA RADNER: A Sort of Love Story” is Zwiebel’s 1994 sort-of-memoir of his friendship with Gilda; presenting moments from their fourteen year relationship in a series of 65 dialogues and illustrations.

In its foreword Zwiebel disclaims that, “this book was never meant to be read,” and describes it as, “very personal. The kind of thing that one keeps to himself.” Nonetheless, he explains that, “the sense of loss that everyone, including those who never met Gilda, felt when she passed away,” left him wondering if sharing it might help, “pay appropriate tribute to Gilda’s time on this planet”.


In 2013, actor and long time Gilda fan, Rosaruby Kagan, was so touched by Zwiebel’s tribute that she approached director, Tanner Harvey, regarding its adaptation for the stage. Tanner recognized Rosaruby’s affinity with Radner straight away, and upon reading “Bunny Bunny”, was equally moved by its candid humour, tenderness, and melancholy.

Together over six months of working and reworking they turned Zwiebel’s 189 pages of memories-sketched-in-dialogue into a 90 minute, single-act, two-character, solo performance.

“Bunny Bunny…” showcased at Montréal’s Espace Freestanding Room from July 18th to 28th, 2013, to enthusiastic public and critical reception. It’s intimate and direct approach follows in the footsteps of other successes directed by Tanner Harvey, and originated in the cosy Freestanding room’s 16’x30′ studio, such as Jeremy Taylor’s “Big Plans”, and Ned Cox’s “Duplicity Girls”, shows which went on to successful runs at Toronto’s Summerworks Festival, Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival, and London (UK)’s White Bear Theatre Club.

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